Friday , 14 May 2021

Isolation and characterization of fresh water fungal metabolites against Clinical pathogens

Santhiya T*, Ambika R, Nizamydeen N and Sengottaian N
Department of Microbiology, Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Trichy, Tamilnadu

Fresh water samples were collected from Cauvery River in Thanjavur district, Tamilnadu, India. Five sampling stations (Kallanai, Thirukkatupalli, Thiruvaiyar, Papanasam, Kumbakonam) were selected for sample collection. The water samples were examined for fungi by plating method culturing in Rose Bengal agar and Potato Dextrose agar medium. The isolated fungal strains were identified by Lactophenol Cotton Blue staining. A total number of 25 species of fungi belonging to 2 genera were recorded. Thus the water samples from Cauvery river of Tamil Nadu yield impressive diversity of fungi. Among 25 species, Aspergillus was selected for screening and production of metabolites. The extracted fungal metabolites were tested against E.coli and  Pseudomonas for antimicrobial activity.
Key words: E.coli, Pseudomonas, antimicrobial activity, Aspergillus

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