Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Development, optimization of microemulsion based Transdermal gel for NSAIDs Drug

Sadhana Jaiswar Raisahab*, Manjunath Uddhavrao Machale, Vasia, Shiva Yadav
Department of Pharmaceutics, Oxbridge College of Pharmacy, Bangalore-91, India

A. J. Med. Pharm, Sci., 2024, 12(1): 19-24
DOI: https://doi.org/10.30904/j.ijctpr.2024.4525

The present research work is based on the formulation and evaluation of topical gel of etoricoxib where Carbopol 940, tween20, span20 is used as the polymer. Gels were prepared by dispersing the polymers in a mixture of water and glycerine with propyl paraben as the preservative and the varying amount of etoricoxib, being kept under magnetic stirring until the homogeneous dispersion was formed. The dispersion was then neutralized and made viscous by the addition of triethanolamine. The tween20, span20 gels of etoricoxib were found to be homogenous with good drug loading.  The pH of all the gel formulations was found within the neutral pH range which is compatible with skin. And the viscosity of the formulations was found to be feasible for topical drug delivery.  The drug content of the three formulations was found in the range of 88.3% to 98% which shows efficient drug loading. Results of In vitro drug release study showed that F3 formulation has better diffusion of drug through membrane The compatibility study showed that the major peaks in FT-IR spectra of the pure drug were found to be intact in their physical mixture. Hence there is no interaction between drug and tween20, span20 in their physical mixture.  Tween20, span20 can be effectively used as the polymer for topical gel preparation. And F3 formulation containing 1.2 % w/w Tween 20 and 1.8% span 20 may be effectively used as topical transdermal delivery for etoricoxib.

Keywords: Etoricoxib, Transdermal Gel, Drug release, Compatibility study HCl, microemulsion, HPMC, Carbopol940.

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