Sunday , 23 June 2024

A Systemic Review on Effects of Poor Oral Health on the Feteal Development in Pregnancy

Y. Prapurnachandra, A. Vyshnavi*, B. Mounika, B. Yamini, Sk. Nagoor babu
Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidthapolur (V), Muthukur (M), Nellore (Dt), Andhra Pradesh – 524343, India.

Poor oral health during pregnancy can impact fetal development, potentially leading to complications such as preterm birth and low birth weight. The abstract explores the links between maternal oral health, gestational outcomes, and highlights the importance of dental care in prenatal health. However, how periodontitis may lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes is not yet fully understood. In the first, periodontal diseases are believed to affect the maternal and fetal immune responses systemically, leading to premature delivery. Alternatively, evidence is accumulating that oral bacteria may translocate directly into the pregnant uterus, causing localized inflammation and adverse pregnancy outcome in the presence or absence of clinical periodontitis. This review article discuss common dental problems a pregnant women faces along with relevant treatment implications, the risks of various medications to both mother and the fetus and common dental problems a pregnant women faces. In addition, the management of related dental problems in the pregnant patient and appropriate scheduling of dental surgical procedures during pregnancy has been discussed.

Keywords: Periodontitis, preterm birth, low birth weight, Bacteria, Gestational outcomes

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