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Development, Optimization of Microemulsion Based Transdermal Gel for Antifungal Drug

Yadav Shiva Jogendra*, Manjunath Uddhavrao Machale, Sadhana Jaiswar
Volume-12, Issue-1, January 2024, 4630 | Full article PDF
Available online: Jan 25, 2024

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A new oil-in-water microemulsion-based (ME) gel containing 1% itraconazole (ITZ) was developed for topical delivery. The solubility of ITZ in oils and surfactants was evaluated to identify potential excipients. The optimized microemulsion was characterized for its morphology and particle size distribution. The optimized microemulsion was incorporated into polymeric gels of guar gum and Xanthan gum for convenient application and evaluated for pH, drug content, viscosity, and Spreadability, homogeneity.  Furthermore, in vitro antimycotic inhibitory activity of the gels was conducted using a modified. Franz diffusion cell and dialysis membrane. The pH of all the gel formulations was found within the neutral pH range which is compatible with skin. And the viscosity of the formulations was found to be feasible for topical drug delivery.  The drug content of the three formulations was found in the range of 81.23% to 99.24% which shows efficient drug loading. Results of In vitro drug release study showed that F8 formulation has better diffusion of drug through membrane. The compatibility study showed that the major peaks in FTIR spectra of the pure drug were found to be intact in their physical  mixture. Hence there is no interaction between drug and Xanthum gum, guar gum in their physical mixture.  Xanthum gum, guar gum can be effectively used as the polymer for topical gel preparation. And F8 formulation containing 1.5 % w/w Xanthum gum and 0.75% guar gum may be effectively used as topical transdermal delivery for itraconazole.
Keywords: Itraconazole, Transdermal Gel, Drug release, Compatibility study HCl, microemulsion, HPMC, Carbopol940.

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