Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Tephrosia Purpurea Leaves in Mice

Sk. Salma Sultana1*, Mallikireddy Geethika Reddy2, P. Kalindala Jahnavi3, Syed. Sameeha4, Sk. Ameena5, Palagiri. Arun Kumar6, Kalyani Prakashini7
Volume-12, Issue-1, January 2024, 4629 | Full article PDF
Available online: Jan 20, 2024

A b s t r a c t
The study aimed to investigate the skeletal muscle relaxant activity of hydroalcoholic extract of tephrosiapurpurea using the rotarod apparatus. The hydroalcoholic extract of tephrosia purpurea was evaluated for itsmuscle relaxant potential using the rotarod apparatus in mice. Some of the most popular herbs used to relaxmuscles include chamomile, liquorice, and kava root. The mice are divided into three groups consisting offour animals each. Group 1 served as control, which received distilled water 10mL/kg, group 2 received thestandard drug diazepam, at a dose of 10mg/kg, p.o., group 3 received the hydroalcoholic extract of tephrosiapurpurea orally at a dose of 200mg/kg. (2). The animals are remained on rotarod for 5min at 25rpm or moreafter successive trails were included in the study. After the administration of control, standard, and testmaterial,thefallofftimefrom rotating rod wasnotedafter 30minutes.

Keywords: Tephrosia purpurea, Diazepam, Rotarod, hydroalcoholic extract.

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