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IJCPS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-4

IJCPS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-4

1. Synthesis and characterization of Chelating azo dyes Containing 8-Hydroxy quinoline ligand
B.K. Patel, N. K. Prajapati*, D.G. Patel, A.D. Patel
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 254-256

2. Isocratic Reverse Phase HPLC Method-Determination and Validation of Cilostazol
K. Krishna Chaitanya*, D. Gowri Sankar, Samson Israel. D, CH. Narasimha Kumar, BalaKumar. K, CH. Harsha vardhan Reddy
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 257-262

3. Oxidative imbalance in Sickle Cell Disease
*Nnamah, N.K, Igboh, N. M; Onwubiko, D.,Chigbu, L.N., Agomuo,E.N.,Onyesom,C.A,Maduagwun,C.A, Iheanacho, K,M..E Emuchey, C.I.
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 263-265

4. Method development and validation by RP-HPLC for the estimation of Zolmitriptan in bulk and its dosage form
D. Samson Israel*, D. Gowri Sankar, K. Krishna Chaitanya, K. Balaram Kumar, K. Vinod
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 266-272

5. Marine Organism: A Rich Source of Bioactive Metabolites
Nisha Choudhary*, Sunil Singh, Jyoti Rai, Inamullah, Surabhi Sharma
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 273-280

6. A Review on Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems: Strategy for Improving Oral Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs
Ajit Kumar Yadav*, Chitresh Yadav,Alok Singh, Prevesh Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp:  281-291

7. Rare but Inopportune Testicular Cancer-A Brief Discussion
Mayur A. Chaudhari*, Prabodh V. Sapkale, Atul R. Bendale, Sachin B Narkhede, Anil G Jadhav, G. Vidyasagar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 292-299

8. To Study Regulatory Requirements for Marketing Authorization of Febuxostat Tablet in India
Rajesh Saini*, Birendra shrivastav, Ramesh Chand Sharma, Rajendra Songra
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 300-302

9. Regulatory Requirements for Import and Registration Lafutidine Tablet in India
Ramesh Chand Sharma*, Rajesh Saini, Ranjan Bairwa,  Birendra shrivastav
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 303-304

10. Eudragit a versatile Polymer: a Review
Ishan Patel*, Tiwari Ajaykumar, B.S. Srivastav
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 305-311

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