Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Eudragit a Versatile Polymer: A Review

About author
Ishan Patel, Tiwari Ajaykumar, Dr. B.S. Srivastav
Deparment of Pharmaceutical Science, Jaipur National University, SADTM Campus, Jaipur-302025. 
E-mail: [email protected]

One would always like to have an ideal drug delivery system that will possess three main properties: It will be a single dose for the whole duration of treatment. It will deliver the active drug directly at the site of action. It will possess possible fewer side effects. Above approaches are achieved with the help of  suitable choice of polymer. This review focuses on recent literature regarding use of Eudragit polymer in  different drug delivery systems with special attention to used in its fabrication along with their physiochemical properties.
Key words: Eudragit, Gastroresistance, Glass transition, Polymer, Sustained releas

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