Sunday , 23 January 2022

Development and Validation of New Colorimetric Method for the Estimation of Salbutamol, Chlorthalidone and Metoprolol Succinate

*Raval Kashyap1, U.Srinivasa2
1Research Scholar, Department of Pharmacy, Pacific University, Udaipur
2Head of Department, Srinivas College of pharmacy, Mangalore

Colorimetric methods have been developed for the estimation of Salbutamol, Chlorthalidone & Metoprolol Succinate. Here Methods were based on reaction involving the formation of blackish colored complex with Potassium Ferricyanide & Ferric Chloride. The maximum absorbance of the solution was measured at 540 nm, 545 nm & 534 nm against blank respectively. The calibration curve calculated obeys Beer’s law over the concentration range of 15-75, 14-70 & 25-125 µg/ml.The method was validated based on ICH guidelines. The high recovery and low relative standard deviation confirms the suitability of the method for determination Salbutamol, Chlorthalidone & Metoprolol Succinate. Hence it is useful for the routine analysis of Salbutamol, Chlorthalidone and Metoprolol Succinate.
Keywords: Salbutamol, Potassium Ferricyanide & Ferric Chloride UV spectrophotometric and validation parameters, Chlorthalidone, Metoprolol Succinate.

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