Sunday , 23 January 2022

Microsponges: An Approach to Novel Drug Delivery System-A Review

Navneet Kumar Verma*, Prabhudutta Panda, J. N. Mishra, D. K. Vishwakarma, Gulzar Alam, A.P. Singh
Department of Pharmacy, Kailash Institute of Pharmacy & Management, Uttar Pradesh, India

Microsponges, the drug release technology has become more spirited and rapidly on the rise. Different drug delivery systems are being incorporated to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the rehabilitation. In malevolence of presence of these technologies the drug delivery systems are unsuccessful to reach the systemic circulation in adequate amounts in control manner in few cases like Peptides and proteins. Conventional topical formulations have also many problems, such as producing a highly concentrated layer of active ingredient resulting irritation and allergic reactions etc. To control the delivery rate of active agents to a encoded site in human body has been one of the major challenges for drug industry. This review article focus on the Novel approaches to product formulation incorporating Microsponges technology may offers better entrapment of ingredients, reduced side effects, increased elegance, and enhanced formulation flexibility.
Keywords: Microsponges, Drug delivery system, drug release technology, topical

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