Thursday , 27 February 2020


 E. Anka Rao

About author :
E. AnkaRao*, M.Madan MohanReddy, P.V. Anudeep,
D.Kiran Kumar, A.Phanendra Babu, M. Praveen kumar
Narayana pharmacy college, Nellore, AP, India

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of lubricants, glidants, anti-adhesives on the characteristics of tablets manufactured. tablets were produced by compressing a mixture containing granules, disintegrant, glidant and lubricant. The effect of the type of lubricants, glidants, anti-adhesives on the tablet characteristics was evaluated using magnesium stearate,  talc and boric acid . The substance used between contact surfaces of moving parts to reduce friction and to dissipate heat is termed as lubricant. A lubricant may be oil, grease, graphite, or any substance gas, liquid, semisolid, or solid that permits free action of mechanical devices and prevents damage by abrasion and “seizing” of metal or other components through unequal expansion caused by heat.Lubricants are agents added in small quantities to tablet and capsule formulations to improve certain processing characteristics.
key Words : Lubricants, glidants, anti-adhesives, liquid, semisolid, boric acid

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