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E. Anka Rao

About author :
E. Anka Rao*, A.Phanendra Babu, M.Madan Mohan Reddy
D.Kiran Kumar, K.V.S.Prasad, Sk.Juveeriya, M.Praveen Kumar
Narayana Pharmacy College, Nellore,  AP, India
*E-mail: [email protected]

In the modern age the acceptability of dosage form by the senses or its organoleptic properties is considered to be very important qualities of the product and formulator cannot afford to lose sight of this fact. Amongst the important organoleptic characteristics which are manipulated to make dosage forms more pleasant are colour, taste and, odour. A survey of history also makes this point clear and this is brief review on Titanium dioxide, Menthol and Neohesperidin dehydrochalone. The human body is endowed with five antenna dishes which receive different signals from the environments and feed them to the brain for processing and commands. Three of these are actuated by energy and two by chemical molecules. The senses of sight, hearing and touch arise due to light waves, sonic waves and pressure respectively. The taste and odour stimulated by chemical molecules
Key Words : Organoleptic additives, Titanium dioxide, Menthol, Neohesperidin-dehydrochalone

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