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E. Anka Rao

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E. AnkaRao*, P.Rambabu, M.Madan MohanReddy
K. Jyothirmai, D.Mahidhar Reddy, S.Revathi , Daya sagar
Narayana pharmacy college, Nellore, AP, India.
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Disintegrating agents is a substance or mixture of substances added to tablets to  facilitate its break up or disintegration. The active constituents must be released from the tablet as efficiently as possible to allow its rapid action. Hence the therapeutic action is based on the amount of drug released from the tablet, these disintegrates which allows rapid de-aggregation of solid in to solution and followed by which absorption of the drug takes place. Most of the conventional and in novel preparation the impact of disintegrating agents had given a new dosage form such as rapid disintegrating tablets and mouth dissolving tablets. By fair choice of the disintegrating agents which has a greater impact in the final formulation to enhance the drug bio-availability.
Key Words: Disintegration, Bio-availability, Hydration, Swelling

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