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Floating Drug Delivery Systems as Gastro retentive Drug Delivery Systems – A Review

C. Saravanan*1, M. Purushothaman2 1Alwar College of Pharmacy, Sun Rise University, Alwar, Rajasthan – 301030, India 2 Vasavi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kadapa-516247, India A B S T R A C T Most of the orally administered dosage forms have several physiology limitations such as GI transit time, incomplete drug adsorption due to incomplete release of drug from the device ... Read More »

A Review on Floating Drug Delivery System

Kishore Kamere1, Gampa Vijay Kumar1, *S.V. Gopala Krishna2 1Department of Pharmacy, KGR Institute of Technology and Management, Rampally, Keesara, Rangareddy, Telangana, India-501301 2Vasavi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vasavi Nagar, Peddapalli, Madhavaram, YSR Kadapa, A.P, India-516247 A B S T R A C T Recent  technological  and  scientific  research  has  been  devoted  to  the  development  of  rate  controlled  drug  delivery  systems  to  ... Read More »

Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Tablets of Riboflavin

Dronamraju Nirmala kumari* Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Mother Teresa Pharmacy College, Sathuapally, Khammam, A.P, India A B S T R A C T Gastro retentive tablets of riboflavin were formulated using different water soluble polymers like HPMC, PVP, and Carbapol of different grades and magnesium stearate and lactose were used as lubricants all the pre formulation parameters like standard curve, melting point ... Read More »

Glimpse of Comprehensive Review on Floating Drug delivery System: A Global perception

About author Zubair Khalid labu1, Md. Saidul1*, Sirajul Islam1, Mst. Rifat Jahan1, Md. Mostafizur Rahman1,  Md. Abu Jafor Arken1, Krishanu Sikder2 1World University of Bangladesh (WUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh 2Gono University (GB), Dhaka, Bangladesh Abstract Floating Drug delivery system is designed to prolong the gastric residence time after oral administration, at a particular site and improving bioavailability. The idea of gastric ... Read More »

Oral Matrix Formulation for Floating drug Delivery System to Increase Gastric Retention time

ABOUT AUTHOR Amit Saini Singh*1, Dr. S.N. Sri Harsha2, D. Yashwanth Kumar3, K.S.S.N. Neelima4, B. Poornima5 Department of Pharmacy, NIMS University, Jaipur PACIFIC University, Udaipur, Rajasthan Sri Krishnachaitanya College of pharmacy, Hyderabad Abstract: All the pharmaceutical products formulated for systemic delivery via the oral route of administration, irrespective of the mode of delivery (immediate, sustained or controlled release) and the design ... Read More »

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