Thursday , 11 July 2024

Development of Mouth Dissolving Domperidone Strips

B. Sucharitha*, S. Chand Basha
Prabhath Institute of Pharmacy, Nanadyal, Kurnool, India

The objective of the current work is to formulate and evaluate the oral strip  of domperidone. It is ideally suitable for the treatment of emesis. The oral strip of domperidone is useful in the vomiting through the journey. The oralstrips were formulated by the fusion method and its in-vitro as well as the in-vivo evaluation was done by the usual pharmacopoeial and unofficial tests and by using human volunteers. The main benefit of the preparation technique includes fewer operation units, better content consistency. The oral strips formed was found to be disintegrated in 1 minute. The ratio of components in the aqueous phase affected the thickness, drug content, tensile strength, percentage elongation, folding endurance, and release profile of mouth dissolving strip and the best results were obtained for the Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Maltodextrin and Propylene glycol. The compatibility between domperidone and excipients was confirmed by FTIR and DSC studies. The developed oral strip of domperidone demonstrated usefulness for fast release of the drug in mouth, for better drug utilization, and improved patient compliance. The optimized formulation, due to low HPC content, has optimum tensile strength and thickness. Formulation F26 containing HPC, Maltodextrin and PG shown a cumulative % drug release of 99.92%. HPC films shown higher cumulative % drug release than films of other HPC  grades at different concentrations. It was found to be stable during the accelerated stability study. The effect of different concentrations of polymers and plasticizers on in-vitro evaluation parameters was evaluated. Hence, data shown that formulation F-26 was the most suitable for the development of fast dissolving oral strip of domperidone.

Keywords: Fast dissolving oral strip, Fusion method; HPC, Propylene glycol, Maltodextrose.

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