Monday , 24 June 2024

Development and Optimization of Novel Drug Delivery Systems for Targeted Therapy: An Analytical Perspective

Boga. Laharee*
Department of Drug Regulatory Affairs, Srinivasa Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sri Chowdeswari Nagar, Peddasetty palle, Proddatur -516360

Pharmaceutical research is driving innovation in targeted drug delivery systems, aiming for precise therapy with reduced side effects and enhanced efficacy. Strategies involving ligands, antibodies, peptides, or nanoparticles are enhancing targeting capabilities, facilitated by nanotechnology. Refinement techniques improve stability and biocompatibility, while smart materials enable controlled-release systems responsive to environmental triggers.These advancements promise improved treatment across diseases like cancer, cardiovascular issues, and neurodegenerative disorders, by extending drug activity and enhancing targeting precision. Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) offer advantages including prolonged drug activity and precise targeting, with various advanced approaches showcasing superior properties over conventional therapies. This article provides a comprehensive overview of these innovative drug delivery systems.

Keywords: Nanoparticles, Controlledrelease, Active targeting, Drug release, Dosage forms, Hydrogel, Cancer therapy, Novel drug delivery system, Nanoparticles, Liposomes, Microspheres, Microemulsion.

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