Thursday , 11 July 2024

Formulation and Evaluation of Curcumin Corn Caps for the Treatment of Foot Corns

SK. Noor Basha*, P. Anil Kumar Reddy, D. Chinababu
Prabhath Institute of Pharmacy, Nanadyal, Kurnool, India

The extract known as “Curcuma longa” (Turmeric) is made from the rhizomes of the Zingiberaceae family plant “Curcuma longa.” It contains a substance called curcumin, which has been used for countless medical purposes since ancient times. The objective of this study is to formulate & evaluate the ointment made from the Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) extract. The ointment has been prepared by the fusion method method. After that, it is further checked for its evaluation parameters such as the colour, odour, pH, extrudability, was hability, loss on drying, spreadability, solubility, etc. The linearity concentration of the curcumin was good and R2value was found to be >0.99.The formulation was also checked for its stability at respected temperatures. So, it can be used easily as a simple dosage form. All of the prepared formulations (F1–F5) displayed comparable and acceptable evaluation results in terms of their physical appearance (orange-yellow color), characterizing odor, spread ability (6.6–, viscosity (105-245), loss on drying (20–50%), pathogen test (absent), and drug content (85–92%). Of these formulations, F2 had the highest drug content (91.56%), so it can be said that its performance is satisfactory.

Keywords: Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Extract, Ointment, Wound Healing, Stability

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