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Emerging therapy for Cancer

P. Sailaja*, Y. Prapurnachandra, L. Vinod Kumar*, M. Uma, N. Sai Varshitha, M. Manaswini, S. Tasleem
Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidthapolur (V), Muthukur (M), Nellore (Dt), Andhra Pradesh–524343, India.

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Cancer therapy is evolving with advances in immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and precision medicine, offering more personalized and effective treatment options. Immunotherapies like check point inhibitors and CAR-T cell therapy show promise in boosting the body immune response against cancer cell. Precision medicine tailors treatment based on a persons genetic makeup, enhancing the chances of success. Research in these areas continues to shape the future of cancer area. Conventional treatments approaches, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, have been in use while significant advances are being made in recent time including stem cell therapy, targeted therapy, ablation therapy, nanoparticles, natural oxidants, radionics, chemodynamic therapy, sonodynamic therapy, and ferroptosis based therapy. Stem cells therapy has brought promising efficacy in regenerating and repairing diseased or damaged tissues by targeting both primary and metastatic cancer foci, and nanoparticles brought new diagnostic and therapeutic options. Targeted therapy possessed break through potential inhibiting the growth and spread of specific cancer cell, causing less damge to healthy cells. Ablation therapy has emerged as a minimally invasive procedure that burns or freezes cancers without the need for open surgery. Natural antioxidants demonstrated potential tracking down free radicals and neutralizing their harmful effects thereby treating and preventing cancer. Several technologies are currently under research in clinical trails, and some of them have already been approved. This review presented an update on recent advances and break through in cancer therapies.

Keywords: chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, nanoparticles, natural oxidants, ablation therapy

e-ISSN: 2349-9087 | Publisher: Pharma Research Library
W. J. Pharm. Biotech., 2024, 11(1): 10-16.

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