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Method Development and Validation of Telmisartan in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by UV Spectrophotometric Method

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N. Samba Siva Naik*, G. Sai Phani, SD. Fathima Zahera, N. Sai Priyanka and CH. Ravi Tej
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Q.A,
Narasaraopeta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Narasaraopeta Group of Institutions, Narasaraopet, Guntur (Dt.), Andhra Pradesh, India

This research article describes the analytical method suitable for validation of Telmisartan by UV–spectro-photometric method. The method was utilized UV-Spectroscopy (Analytical, model-UV-2080).The proposed method is simple, fast, accurate, cost efficient and reproducible spectrophotometric method has been developed for the estimation of Telmisartan in pharmaceutical dosage formulation. The solvent system was consists of methanol: water in the ratio of 80:20 at wave length (λmax) 230nm.The linearity for this drug at selected wave length is lies between 2-10 µg/ml. Beers law was obeyed in this concentration range with correlation co- efficient of 0.999. Accuracy was determined by recovery studies from tablet dosage forms and ranges from 99.48 to 100.26 %. Precision of method was finding out was repeatability, day to day and analyst to analyst variation and shows the values within acceptable limit (RSD ≤ 2 percentage).
Key words: Telmisartan, UV-Spectroscopy, Validation, HPLC

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