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Management of Sub Clinical Mastitis in Crossbred Cows with Herbal Topical Gel “Mastilep”

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P. Hase1, S. Digraskar1, K. Ravikanth2, A Thakur2*, S Maini2
1Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, MAFSU, Parbhani, Maharashtra, India
2R&D, Ayurvet Limited, Baddi, HP, India

The prevention of bovine mastitis is the most important component of a mastitis control programme. A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate therapeutic efficacy of Mastilep gel (supplied by M/s Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi, India) against treatment of sub clinical mastitis. The bovine cases presented to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex (TVCC) and the instructional livestock farm, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Parbhani, India were incorporated in study. The cows were screened for mastitis with MCMT kit and the animals found positive for subclinical mastitis were grouped into 2 groups of ten animals each. Group T1 (Control Group) was given no treatment and group T2 was treated with Mastilep gel (supplied by m/s Ayurvet Ltd, Baddi, India), applied topically BID for 5 days. Somatic cell count (SCC), milk fat content, milk yield was evaluated along with microbiological investigations (isolation and identification). After treatment the SCC in Mastilep gel treated group reduced significantly on 5th day. The milk yield in cows suffering from sub clinical mastitis also increased significantly without any change in Milk Fat content (%) in Mastilep treated group on day 5. Milk samples of all the affected quarters revealed predominance of Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Escherichia coli as the causative agents of bovine sub clinical mastitis. On the basis of microbial investigation on day 5, 60 per cent cure rate was recorded in Mastilep Gel treated. Results of the present study indicated that Mastilep gel not only eliminated udder infection in sub clinical mastitis but was also found to be efficacious in potentiating the udder immunity. It also augments repair of mammary gland, firmness and normalize udder functioning with improved milk quality.
Keywords: Herbal, Mastitis, Mastilep, Somatic cell count, Udder

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