Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Ketoconazole Solubility Enhancement: Different Techniques and its Comparison

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Ravi Prakash*, Shashi Shekhar Tripathi, Pravin Gupta, Rahul Dev, Anaagat
Sir Madanlal Institute of Pharmacy Aalampur Hauz, Etawah-206001, U.P., India

Four techniques namely melt sonocrystallization, solid dispersion, hydrotrophy and inclusion complex with cyclodextrin were used for the solubility enhancement. The order of the techniques for the solubility enhancement was found hydrotrophy>inclusion complex>solid dispersion>sonocrystallization method. Enhancement in the solubility by the hydrotrophy method was found to be 12.159 fold increases while by inclusion compound, solid dispersion, and melt-sonocrystallization method was found to be 9.644, 7.349, and 5.517 fold respectively. Dissolution study of the four formulations prepared by the four different techniques was also performed. On the basis of data of drug dissolution profile of all four formulations (aqueous suspension) it was found that the formulation prepared by the hydrotropy method showed the best release profile that is 83.16%. While release from the suspension prepared by inclusion compound, solid dispersion and melt-sonocrystallization method were found to be 61, 73 and 58% respectively.  Thus on the basis of this study we can say that the hydro trophy technique is the best technique for the solubility enhancement of the ketoconazole.
Key words: ketoconazole, melt-sonocrystallization, solid dispersion, stress degradation, hydrotrophy

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