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IJRPLS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-1

IJRPLS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-1

1. Evaluation of Anti-arthritic activity of Vitex Negundo Linn 
Saravana Kumar K*, Nagaveni P, Mahaboob Subahan T
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDFpp: 1-4

2. Diversity Resources, Distribution and Present Availability Status of Oberonia Lindl. An Epiphytic Orchid Species of Darjeeling Himalaya of India
Rajendra Yonzone*, D. Lama, R. B. Bhujel,Khyanjeet Gogoi, Samuel Rai
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 5-14

3. Efficacy of different extraction methods of phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis 
Pandian Prabakaran*, A. David Ravindran
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 15-20

4. Isolation of potential probiotic Lactobacillus strains from human milk 
Authors Name: Anandharaj.M* and Sivasankari.B
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 26-29

5. Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablet of Tapentadol
Asija Rajesh1*, Rathi Harish, Asija Sangeeta
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 30-37

6. Microbial Potential of Euphorbia hirta
Shirish S. Pingale*
[Abstract[Full Article-PDF] pp: 38-42

7. Electrochemical Investigation of carbonyl group containing pesticide monalide in water samples by using differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetry 
S. Rajasekhar Reddy*, T.Raveendranath babu, B.Sreenivasulu
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 43-47

8. Bioadhesive Formulation-Buccal Films 
M. Krishnaveni*, AV.Chandana, V. Shanmugam, P.Prakash, S.Sandeep1, KV.Radhika
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 48-58

9. Floating gastro-retentive dosage forms-A Novel Approach 
S.G. Shep*, V.T. Chamle , P.S. Misal, Dr. R.A. Hajare
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 59-63

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