Friday , 21 June 2024

Diversity Resources, Distribution and Present Availability Status of Oberonia Lindl. An Epiphytic Orchid Species of Darjeeling Himalaya of India


About author :
Rajendra Yonzone* D, Lama, R. B. Bhujel, Khyanjeet Gogoi, Samuel Rai
Department of Botany, St. Joseph’s College, P.O. North Point, District Darjeeling, W. B., India.
*e-mail : [email protected]

The present paper deals with Nine Oberonia Lind. Orchid species diversity, distribution and present availability status in Darjeeling Himalaya of India. This attempt is the first step to correct taxonomic identification to workout currently accepted botanical names with Voucher specimens, habitat, altitudinal ranges, phenology and local and general distribution of Oberonia species in the regions. Orchids are considered to be the most highly evolved in the floral specialization and diversified form among the monocotyledons. In India, Orchids from 9% of our flora and are the largest and highly advanced botanical family of higher plants. It is estimated that at about 25,000-35,000 species with 800-1,000 genera are distributed throughout the world. About 1300 species with 140 genera of Orchid species are found in India with temperate Himalayas as their natural home
Key words: Oberonia species, Orchidaceae,  Diversity, Distribution, Status, Darjeeling Himalaya.

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