Wednesday , 22 September 2021

A Study on Degradation of Phenol by Pseudomonas species

Sivasankari.P*, Prakash.B, Jeyaprakash.S.T, Thiyagarajan.D, Palanivel.P
Department of Biotechnology, PGP college of Arts and Science, Namakkal, India

The industrialization and extensive use of pesticides in agriculture and the pollution of environment with man-made organic compound has become a major problem. Phenolic compounds are abundant in the biosphere as components of the complex polymer lignin, humicacids and as environmental pollutants resulting from various industrial activities. Phenol pollution is mainly associated with pulp industries, coal mines and refineries. In industries the chemical process of degradation of various hazardous materials has been replaced by bioprocess. In this study Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligens and Pseudomonas putida obtained from IMTECH. Mineral medium was prepared and the microorganisms were inoculated. The two cultures were taken for conical flask and bioreactor method. The samples were collected and analyzed for phenol estimation method, COD, UV-visible spectrometry. The higher amount of phenol degradation was observed in Pseudomonas putida when compared to Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligens. Phenol degradation results indicate bioreactor method is highly effective when compared to conical flask method.
Keywords: Degradation, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligens, Pseudomonas putida
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