Sunday , 21 July 2024

Studies on Phytochemical Composition and Anticancer Potential of Methenolic Leaf Extract of Tecomella Undulata

D. Vithya Easwari1, S. N. Suresh*2, Sagadevan.P1, S. Rathish Kumar1 
1PG & Research Department of Biotechnology, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore-641029.
2Department of Biotechnology, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G. Chavadi, Coimbatore, India-641105

The methanolic leaf extract of Tecomella undulata were tested for their anticancer potential against MCF-7, breast cancer cell line. The extracts Tecomella undulata were found to inhibit the growth of MCF-7, breast cancer cell lines. The methanolic leaf extracts of Tecomella undulata showed a remarkable inhibition in the maximum concentrations of 150 & 300µg/mL to an extent of 99.5% of cell growth. The lower concentration of the extract 18.75µg/mL showed 1.2%, 37.5µg/mL is 10.55% while 75µg/mL inhibited 96.7% of the cell growth. The Ic50 value for the methanolic leaf extracts of Tecomella undulata is 49.01µg/mL. The regression value is 0.9998µg/mL.
Keywords: Tecomella undulata, MCF-7

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