Friday , 12 July 2024

A new RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for the Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form

Mahendar T*, G. Kalpana Devi
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance, Sai Pranavi College of Pharmacy, Keesara, R.R dist-501301, Telangana, India

The chromatographic conditions were successfully developed for the separation of Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide by using Agilent C18  Column (250mm x 4.6mm), flow rate was 1ml/min, mobile phase ratio was  Methanol:Acetonitril (70:30 v/v), detection wavelength was 238 nm. The Spectroscopic method was done in solvent using methanol and the instrument lab India 3000+ with UV win software. The instrument used was WATERS HPLC Auto Sampler, Separation module 2695, photo diode array detector, Empower-software version 2. The retention times were found to be 2.443 min and 2.918 min. The % purity of Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide were found to be 100.7 and 101.4 respectively. The linearity study of Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide were found in concentration range of 1µg-5µg and 100µg-500µg and correlation coefficient (r2) was found to be 0.999 and 0.999 respectively, % recovery for Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide were found to be 100 and 100.5. %RSD for repeatability and precision was found to be <2. LOD values were 2.95 and 3.04 and LOQ value was 9.87 and 10 respectively for Erythromycin and Benzyl peroxide.
Keywords: Erythromycin, Benzyl peroxide, HPLC.


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