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Importance of Oxadiazole Containing Compounds

A.V. Abirami*, J. Amutha Iswarya Devi, N. Venkateshan, V. Rajamanickam Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy, Anand Nagar, Krishnan koil-626126, Srivilliputtur (Via) Tamil Nadu , India. A B S T R A C T Oxadiazole are the heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen and oxygen that act as an important pharmacophore for the development of various new drug with ... Read More »

A Brief Study on Carica Papaya- A Review

Asha Roshan*1, Navneet Kumar Verma2, Anubha Gupta2  1R.K. College of Pharmacy, Azamgarh, U.P, India 2Department of Pharmacy, Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, U.P, India Abstract Carica papaya belongs to caricaceae family and it is commonly known as ‘papaya’. Carica papaya is used in ayurvedic medicines from very long time. It is used as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, antibacterial, abortifacient, ... Read More »

A Review on the Taxonomy, Ethnobotany, Chemistry and Pharmacology of Solanum Lycopersicum Linn

ABOUT AUTHOR Priya Shukla*1, Katyani Bajpai1, Shalini Tripathi1, Sunil kumar1, Girendra Kumar Gautam2 1Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India 2Bhagwant Institute of Pharmacy, Bhagwantpuram, Mujaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India Abstract The Tomato is native to South America but growing in temperate climates worldwide. The tomato begins its colourful and varied history upon the coastal highlands of western South ... Read More »

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