Friday , 23 October 2020

Design and In-vitro Characterization of Herbal Emulgels for the Treatment of Psoriasis

M. Mounika Reddy*1, M. Lavanya1, Nishath Tabassum1, Masarath Farheen1, A. Mounika Sagar1, Mamidi Upendar2
1Bojjam Narasimhulu Pharmacy College, Sayeedabad, Hyderabad, Telangana-500059.

2KP Labs, kothapet, Hyderabad-500035

Topical drug delivery has been used for centuries for the treatment of local skin disorders. Emulgel have emerged as one of the most interesting topical delivery system as it has dual control release system i.e. gel and emulsion. One side the topical applications of the drug offers the potential advantages of delivering the drug directly to the site of action and secondly delivering the drug for extended period of time at the effected site. The major objective behind this formulation is enhancing the topical delivery of Babchi oil by formulating Babchi oil Emulgel using Gum guggul, Captex 355 and Capmul MCMC 8. That possesses very high viscosity, transparency, film forming properties at low concentration and reported to be useful in formation of gel with an objective to increase transparency and spreadability. The prepared Emulgel were evaluated for their physical appearance, pH determination, % Entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release, anti inflammatory activity. All the prepared Emulgel showed acceptable physical properties, pH value. The best formulation E3 showed comparable anti-inflammatory activity. The in vitro release rate of Emulgel was evaluated using Diffusion cell containing dialysis membrane with phosphate buffer pH 6.8 as the receptor medium. The Emulgel was found to be stable with respect to physical appearance, pH, drug release, entrapment efficiency.
Keywords: Babchi oil, Emulgel, Gum guggul, Captex 355 and Capmul MCMC 8, Anti-inflammatory

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