Sunday , 23 January 2022

Updated Review on Huntington’s Disease (HD)

K. Harinadha Baba, Alahari Ramya Sree*, Saritha Chandra
Narayana Pharmacy College, Chinthareddy Palem, Nellore-524003, Andhra Pradesh.

Huntington’s disease is a devastating inherited neurodegenerative disease characterized by progressive motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms. Patients may present with any of these symptoms, and familiarity with the phenotype is therefore important. Chorea and loss of balance are early symptoms that patients notice, although families often notice cognitive or personality changes before this. It results from genetic mutations involving trinucleotide repeats of the huntingtin gene, which encodes the huntingtin protein. HD is presently the most widely studied genetic neurodegenerative disease that has diagnostic and predictive genetic testing, with the possibility of gene-targeted therapy in the near future. Neuroimagingcanplayan important diagnostic and prognosticrolein HD by evaluating affected regions of the brain by using techniques such as MR imaging, FDG-PET, MR spectroscopy, and diffusion tensor imaging.
Keywords: Huntington’s disease, Psychiatric, Neurogenerative, Huntingtin protein, Genetic mutations

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