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Antioxidant, Hepatoprotective Activity and RP-HPLC Analysis of Moringa Oleifera Pods Methanolic Extract against Alcohol Induced Hepatotoxicity

Konda Ravi Kumar, A. Prathyusha* Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. A  B  S  T  R A C T In this study the pods of Moringa oleifera were extracted with methanol and subjected to analysis of the polyphonolic compounds by RP-HPLC method and to appraise the free radical scavenging activity and hepatoprotective activity aligned with the ... Read More »

Evaluation of Cardioprotective Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of The Cyanthillium Cinereum Against Isoprenaline Induced Cardiotoxicity In Rats

1Varukolu Soundarya*, 2Chintala Swetha Bindu, 3Dr. Challa Pradeep Kumar, 4Porandla Ravali Department of Pharmacology, Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, Telangana 505001. A B S T R A C T The present study was aimed at evaluating the hepatoprotective activity of Bauhinia acuminata.L against Carbon tetra chloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Hepatic damage was induced by administration of CCL4 (1.5ml/kg b.w, i.p) in combination ... Read More »

Hepatoprotective Activity of Ethanolic Bauhinia Acuminata.L Extract Against Cci4-Induced Liver Damage In Rats

1Porandla Ravali*, 2Dr. Challa Pradeep Kumar, 3Varukolu Soundarya Department of Pharmacology, Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, India,505001. A B S T R A C T The present study was aimed at evaluating the hepatoprotective activity of Bauhinia acuminata.L against Carbon tetra chloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Hepatic damage was induced by administration of CCL4 (1.5ml/kg b.w, i.p) in combination with olive oil ... Read More »

Investigation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Polyalthia Suberosa Roxb on Wister Albino Rats

K. Srilatha*, Sk. Phareeda, B. Thanuja, Prasanthi.A Department of pharmacology, Ratnam Institution of Pharmacy, Pidathapolur, Muthukur, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh ABSTRACT Aim: To study the Hepatoprotective activity of extracts of polyalthia suberosa raxb in  paracetomol  treated male rats. Method: The dried powder of polyalthia suberosa raxb was extracted successively with different solvent systems and concentrated in vacuum. Primary rat hepatocyte monolayer cultures were ... Read More »

Protective Effect of Terminalia Arjuna Leaves against CCl4 Induced Hepatic Damage in Mice

B. Aruna1*, R. Venu Madhuri1, Dr. D. Madhuri1, Dr. A.V. Badrinath1, Sk. Karimulla2 1Dr. K.V. Subbareddy Institute of Pharmacy, Dupadu, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India-518218. 2Department of Pharmacology, Narayana Pharmacy College, Chinthareddy Palem, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003 A B S T R A C T In the present study ethanolic extract of the leaves of Terminalia arjuna was evaluated for hepatoprotective ... Read More »

Potential Hepatoprotective Activity from Extracts of Mimusps Elengi Linn

ABOUT AUTHOR Gayatri Ganu*1, T.A. Deshmukh2, Anil Middha1 1Department of Pharmacy, JJTU University, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. 2Department of Pharmacognosy, College of Pharmacy, Faizpur *E-mail: ganu.gayatri@gmail.com Abstract Modern therapeutic alternatives for the hepatoprotection are providing symptomatic control and offering many side effects to the liver which in turn can make damage to liver more pronounced. The drugs in the modern medicine are ... Read More »

Evaluation of Protective Potential of Nyctanthus Arbor Tristis against Chloform induced Hepatptoxicity in Rats

About author Sonu Sharma*, Seema Gupta, Ayaz Ahmad Nims Institute of  Pharmacy, Nims University, Shobha Nagar , Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Gyan Vihar School of pharmacy, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Rajasthan, India E-mail: sonu.sharma283@gmail.com Abstracts: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn family Nyctantheaceae is widely distributed and easily available in the nature, therapeutic use of this plant is detailed in Charaka samhitha, Sushrutha samhita ... Read More »

Evaluation of Proximate Screening of Phyllanthus Amarus

ABOUT AUTHOR Shirish S. Pingale*, Shrikant S. Shewale, Dilip B Satpute Department of Chemistry, Gramonnati Mandal’s, Arts Com. and Science College Narayangaon, Pune Abasaheb Garware College, Pune (Affiliated to University of Pune) E-mail: drsspingale@gmail.com ABSTRACT Natural products have traditionally provided many of the drugs in use. Despite the achievement of synthetic chemistry and advances towards rational drug design, natural products ... Read More »

Isolation, Chracterization of Caralluma adscendens [Roxb] and Its Biological Evaluation

About author : P. Jaya Preethi*, S. Ruby Department of Pharmacy, Nandha College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Koorapalayam Piruvu, Erode, TamilNadu, India. *E-mail: jayapeesa@gmail.com Abstract: Caralluma adscendens Roxb a genus of the family Asclepiadaceae is an important medicinal and widely distributed succulent plant found in dry regions of world. The present paper deals with invitro anti cancer and hepatoprotective activities ... Read More »


About author Patel Chirag J Dept. of Pharmaceutics Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Gujarat, India E-mail: chirag.bangalore@gmail.com  Introduction: Various constituents of an herbal extract may contribute to synergistic effect and process like separation and purification can lead to a partial loss of specific activity due to the removal of chemically related substance contributing to the activity of main substance. Most of ... Read More »

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