Monday , 24 June 2024

Investigation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Polyalthia Suberosa Roxb on Wister Albino Rats

K. Srilatha*, Sk. Phareeda, B. Thanuja, Prasanthi.A
Department of pharmacology, Ratnam Institution of Pharmacy, Pidathapolur, Muthukur, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Aim: To study the Hepatoprotective activity of extracts of polyalthia suberosa raxb in  paracetomol  treated male rats. Method: The dried powder of polyalthia suberosa raxb was extracted successively with different solvent systems and concentrated in vacuum. Primary rat hepatocyte monolayer cultures were used for in vitro studies. In-vivo, the hepatoprotective capacity of the extracts of the polyalthia suberosa raxb was analyzed in liver injured  paracetomol treated male rats. Results: In vitro: primary hepatocytes monolayer cultures were treated with Paracetomol and extracts of polyalthia suberosa raxb. A protective activity could be demonstrated in the paracetomol damaged primary monolayer culture. In vivo: extracts of polyalthia suberosa raxb were found to have protective properties in rats with paracetomol induced liver damage as compared from serum marker enzyme activities. Conclusion: The extracts of polyalthia suberosa raxb do have a hepatoprotective activity both in vitro on primary hepatocytes cultures and in vivo in a rat model of  paracetomol mediated liver injury.

Keywords: Polyalthia suberosa raxb, Hepatoprotective, paracetomol.

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