Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Review on Industrial Hazards and its Prevention

Author Details
B. Venkateswara Reddy*, P. Sandeep, K. Navaneetha, P. Ujwala 
Department of Pharmaceutics, St.Pauls College of Pharmacy, Turakayamjal(V), Hayath Nagar (M), Ranga Reddy Dist-501510, A.P, India

Indian pharma industry has been making tremendous progress not only in creation of excellent infrastructure but also attending to the global needs of the supply of APIs as well as quality medicines in addition to entering into growing fields of contract research and manufacturing and clinical trials. Like most chemical industries, the Pharma industry also has various environmental issues especially in manufacture of APIs. This review provides technical information regarding hazards in the pharmaceutical sector and our aim is to bring awareness about hazards, avoidance of hazards, be in preparedness mode to suitably respond to the effects and impacts of hazards including Disaster Management in the pharmaceutical industry.
Keywords: Pharmaindustry, Pharmaceutical sectors, Hazards, Disaster management.

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