Friday , 12 August 2022

A Retrospective Study on Maternal Factors Low Birth Weight in Rural Parts of Nellore and Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh

B. Kumar*, G. Indumathi, Yitzhak
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Ratanam Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore -524 346, Andhra Pradesh, India

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens of a country. Thus, the normal health and growth of children plays an important role in the prosperity of a country. Number of factors like maternal, socio environmental and genetic is responsible for the normal health, development and survival of children. The children are at an increased risk of mortality and morbidity than the general population. This is more so in the first year of life. More than half the infant deaths occur in the first 28 days of life. Babies born with low birth weight are at higher risk of dying. Birth weight is one of the important factors for the survival, normal growth and development of a child. Low birth weight is prospective marker of future growth and development of children and retrospective marker of mother’s nutritional and health status. The low birth weight is considered as sensitive index of nations health and development. The proposed study plans are to select the Post-natal subjects, weight of new born babies. Totally One hundred and three (103) Subjects were included in my study, during my Study period of 8 months (October 2016 to May 2017) in the hospitals of Kurnool and Nellore locality, A, P, India. By comparing these both, Finally we found that, the lowest birth weight was noted during Ages of 16-19 years and these are due to early pregnancy or early marriages were seen in Kurnool when compared to Nellore and also most cases were also recorded in Kurnool, these results were found in person, communicating with physician and mothers.
Keywords: Low Birth Weight, Post-natal, pregnancy, Nutritional and health Status.

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