Saturday , 8 May 2021

Irrational use of Corticosteroids

Kimidi Ruchitha Priya*, Punati Bhavani Prasanna, Jarugula Nagaraja
M A M College of Pharmacy, Kesanupaqlli, Narasaraopet, Guntur -522601, Andhra Pradesh

Corticosteroids can be sold in India on production of prescription of registered medical practitioners. Topical preparations which contains steroids, including strong corticosteroids, Prescribed by dermatologists and others can essentially sold as “over the counter drugs. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimation, more than half of the corticosteroids   are inappropriately prescribed, distributed, and sold due to some reasons such as lack of knowledge, less relationship between physician and patient, poor availability of alternative medicines. Topical steroids can cause substantial and permanent damage if used even for a short period and also bacterial and fungal resistance and also complications are observed with systemic use. More than half of all patients use incorrectly prescribed medicines.  To observe these reasons   in irrational prescription of corticosteroids and design suitable interventions to decrease the irrational prescription of corticosteroids.  In addition the common feature in all the above reasons was the gap between actual practice and knowledge. This is significant on manufacturers, physicians and patients, and should be noted for intervention design.

Keywords: Inappropriate Prescriptions, Corticosteroids.

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