Tuesday , 24 May 2022

Formolation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Sublingual Films

Makwana Rajeshree*1, Patel Harsha2, Patel Vishnu 3
1Department of Pharmaceutics, R.H. Patel College of Pharmacy, Dahemi-388 560, Gujarat, India.
2Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Indukaka Ipcowala College of Pharmacy, New V.V. Nagar- 388 121, Gujarat, India.
3Department of Pharmaceutics, R.C. A.R. College of pharmacy and gathel institute of pharmacy, V.V.Nagar-388120, Gujarat, India.

The fast dissolving sublingual films were obtained by the solvent casting method. It showed acceptable mechanical properties and satisfactory drug release. The prepared film was transparent with smooth surface without any drug excipients interaction. The multiple regression analysis of the results led to such equations that describe adequately the influence of the selected variables concentration of HPMC and concentration of glycerol & PEG-400 on the responses under study. The desirability function led to the optimum values of the factors at which the produced film showed fast drug release and suitable mechanical properties. The film stored under normal room temperature for 10 days did not show any changes with respect to content uniformity, physical appearance, in vitro disintegration and folding endurance. While the same formulation was not stable at accelerate condition (75% RH and 400C). Further there is a need to cheque the stability for long period of time (2 – 3 years) for their suitability.
Keywords: HPMC, Solvent casting method, Fast drug release

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