Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Assurance of water quality index and appropriateness of ground water in a College in Bahraich, U.P

Kaleem Ahmad1, Vivak Dixit2
1Department of chemistry Mahila (P.G.) College Bahraich (U.P.), India
2Department of chemistry Kisan (P.G.) College Bahraich (U.P.), India

This paper displays an investigation because of natural parameters on ground water quality in  Kisan (PG) College, Bahraich (U.P.). Ground water tests were accumulated from various places in the college grounds and their quality was compared on the idea of water quality index, that determines the water quality for drinking purpose.WQI was resolved based on different physical and synthetic parameters like pH, EC, turbidity, TDS, corrosiveness, alkalinity, all out hardness calcium, magnesium, chloride, nitrate, sulfate, iron and broke up oxygen. These parameters were resolved for the figuring of water quality index (WQI). A correlation of the nature of ground water of five extraordinary areas of the College has been made.

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