Saturday , 18 September 2021

Anti-Diabetic Effect of Diospyros Malabarica against Alloxan Induced Diabetes in Rats

A. Ravi Kumar1*, P. Vengalrao1, S. Satyanarayana1, Gireesh Jampana1, Matle Naga Priyanka2
1Celon Laboratories Private Limited, Aleap Industrial Estate, Gajularamaram, R.R. Dist., Telgana-500090
2Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis Narayana Pharmacy College, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Present study was under taken to evaluation of anti-diabetic potential of Diospyros malabarica(DM) leaves in low dose Alloxan and high fat diet induced diabetes in rats at concentration at doses of (200 and 400 mg/kg/ p.o) showed significant hypoglycemic activity on normal rats. The extract also excreted significant anti-hyperglycemic effect in Alloxan induced hyperglycemia and resulted in increase in plasma protein content decrease in alkaline phosphate, cholesterol and triglyceride levels when compared with those in the diabetic control group. However, there were no significant changes in body and kidney weights of the Diospyros malabarica extract treated animals, compared to those of the untreated diabetic rats is control. However, the DM extract showed a potential antioxidant activity by increasing catalase activity and reducing lipid peroxidation in liver, (Histopathological studies for liver and kidney). The Results demonstrate anti-diabetic activity of the defatted methanol extract of DM leaves.
Keywords: Anti-Diabetic activity, Diospyros malabarica, glibenclamide, Wistar rats, hyperglycemic activity, high fat diet, Alloxan.

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