Saturday , 22 September 2018

Laccase–Production and It’s Appliaction

Shruti S. Patel, Sanjay N. Parekh
Shree Ram Krishna Institute of Computer Education & Applied Science, Surat, India

Laccase belongs to the small group of enzymes called the blue multi copper oxidases. Laccase is widely distributed in higher plants, fungi, bacteri. By fermentation both submerged and solid state fermentation laccase can be produced by using various carbon and nitrogen sources. Laccases have been subject of intensive research in the last decades due to their broad substrate specificity. In the recent years, their uses span from the textile to the pulp and paper industries, and food applications to bioremediation processes. More recently, they have found applications in other field such as in the design of biosensors. In this review, the occurrence, structure, production, and application of laccases will be discussed.
Keywords: Laccase, sources, Production, structure, applications, Pulp and paper industry, Food industry, Bioremediation, Biosensors

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