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Solubility Enhancement Techniques and Use of Dendrimers in the Solubilization of Water Insoluble and Poorly Soluble Drugs-A Review

Navneet Kumar Verma*1, Anubha Gupta1, Harendra Prasad2, Asha Roshan3, Shobhit Prakash Srivastava4, Vikash Chandra4 
1Department of Pharmacy, Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, (U.P), India
2Faculty of B. Pharmacy, CSM Group of Institution, Allahabad, (U.P), India
3R.K. College of Pharmacy, Azamgarh, (U.P), India
4Dr. M.C. Saxena College of Pharmacy, Lucknow, (U.P), India
Received: 6 May 2014, Accepted: 12 June 2014, Published Online: 18 July 2014

Solubility of a drug is an important parameter in the formulation development. Hence various techniques are used for the improvement of the solubility of poorly water-soluble and water insoluble drugs include Particle Size Reduction, Solid Dispersion, Nanosuspension, Supercritical Fluid Technology, Cryogenic Technology, Inclusion Complex Formation Techniques, and Floating Granules etc. The purpose of this review article is to describe the techniques of solubilizaton for the attainment of effective absorption and improved bioavailability. Solubility is the phenomenon of dissolution of solid in liquid phase to give a homogenous system. Solubility is one of the important parameter to achieve desired concentration of drug in systemic circulation for pharmacological response to be shown. Poorly water soluble drugs often require high doses in order to reach therapeutic plasma concentrations after oral administration. Low aqueous solubility is the major problem encountered with formulation development of new chemical entities. Any drug to be absorbed must be present in the form of an aqueous solution at the site of absorption. Water is the solvent of choice for liquid pharmaceutical formulations. Most of drugs weakly acidic and weakly basic with poor aqueous solubility. Dendrimers are the novel class of polymer and it is used to enhance the solubility for the delivery of many water insoluble drugs, eg; anticancer, anti-inflammatory etc.
Keywords: Solubility, solubility enhancement, bioavailability, dendrimers etc.

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