Friday , 24 May 2024

Photostability Enhancement of Miconazole Nitrate by Microsponge Formulation

Makwana Rajeshree*1, Patel Harsha1, Patel vishnu2
1Department of Pharmaceutical technology, Indukaka Ipcowala College of Pharmacy, New V.V. Nagar-388121, Gujarat, India
2Department of Pharmaceutics, R.C. of pharmacy and gathel institute of pharmacy, V.V. Nagar-388120, Gujarat, India

The present study deals with the photostability enhancement of Miconazole nitrate by Ethyl Cellulose microsponge formulation. Miconazole nitrate is topical antifungal drug and poor aqueous solubility high lipophilic. Microsponge has well defined structure, porous, polymeric, crosslinked   formulation.  It has decrease toxicity and side effects of active ingredient. It also protect drug from biodegradation. The solubility studies for drug were performed. The microsponges were prepared using quasi emulsion solvent diffusion method. The prepared microsponges were subjected to in-vitro dissolution studies, fourier transform infra-red spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. Stability also evaluate for formulation of microsponge. The in-vitro dissolution of microsponge was found to be slow compared to pure drug. The FTIR spectroscopy and DSC of drug and excipient confirm compatibility testing. Photostability study of pure drug and microsponge compare. Microsponge showed higher photostability as compared to plain drug and other physical mixture. Miconazole nitrate microsponge loaded hydrogel for topical delivery.
Key words: Photostability, Miconazole nitrate, Microsponge, Topical delivery

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