Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Ion-Permeation Rate of (1:1) Electrolytes across Parchment-Supported Silver Chloride Membrane

Khaled Muftah Elsherif*, Ashraf El-Hashani, Abdelmeneim El-Dali, Mabruka Saad
Benghazi University, Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department, Benghazi-Libya 

The ion transport across parchment-supported silver chloride membrane has been investigated. The parchment supported AgCl membrane was prepared by the method of interaction using AgNO3 and NaCl solutions. The transport of different (1:1) electrolytes across parchment-supported silver chloride membrane has been evaluated in terms of the permeation rate which has been determined conductmetrically. The effect of concentration of the electrolyte, kind of ion, and the size of the ion on the permeation rate have been studied. The permeation rate decreases with increasing the concentration of the electrolyte and the size of the ion. However, the influence of the cation is larger than the anion indicating that the membrane is cation selective. The permeation rates before and after the treatment of the parchment paper with AgCl has been compared. The ion selectivity of the parchment paper has been strongly enhanced after the treatment
Keywords: Ion permeation, parchment-supported membrane

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