Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Impact of Kanoi Paper Mills effluent in GW and SW of Bilaspur district (C.G.)

M.M. Vaishnav1*, Milan Hait2 and Priya Priy Darsani1              
1Department of Chemistry, Govt. G.B. College, Hardibazar, Korba, C.G.-495446, India.
2Department of Chemistry, Dr. C.V. Raman University, Kargi Road, Kota, Bilaspur, (C.G)-495113, India

Kanoi paper mills are the major industrial unit located on the bank of Arpa river of Bilaspur districts. The raw materials consumes in this mill are crushed straw, gunny and chemicals components. The untreated effluents are discharge in river and reservoir. So the water sources become contaminated by undesired materials. We have taken minor research project for the assessment of water sources; Four GW and Four SW in and around paper mill. Some selected physical and chemical parameters; chlorine, phenol and metallic elements viz. Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn were analyzed for collected water samples. The results showed, EC 1881(μS/cm), TDS (1641 mg/L), Cl (661 mg/L), Phenol (75ppb) and Iron (14.55mg/L) were found up to alarming level. We have suggested to plant management for prior purification of paper mill effluent.
Keywords: Paper mill effluent, phenol, chlorine, EC

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