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Toxicity of Fluoride from Ground Water Resources of Bagalkot District, Karnataka State, India

Basavaraj M. Kalshetty*1, S. M. Gaonkar2, M. B. Kalashetti3, R.S. Gani4 
1B.L.D.E’S Science College, Jamakhandi, District Bagalkot, Karnataka State, India.
2Bagalkot Vidya Vardhak sangha, Bagalkot, Karnataka State, India.
3Department of Chemistry, Karnataka University Dharwad, Karnataka State,
4Department of Chemistry, Mangalore University Mangalore, Karnataka State, India

A systematic Physico-Chemical analysis of Ground water in 27 different locations in Bagalkot district of Karnataka State has been taken up to evaluate its suitability for drinking purpose in the year 2013 – 2014 in both Monsoon and Post-Monsoon seasons. The parameters such as pH, EC, TDS, Total Alkalinity, Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate and Fluoride ions of Ground water were studied. In the present investigation water samples were collected from Bagalkot, Badami, Ilkal and Hunagund locations during the above said two seasons. The values were compared with the standard values of World Health Organization.  The present study is to bring an acute awareness among the people about the quality of Ground water by taking water samples from specific locations. It is asked the public about the consumption of Fluoride containing water which leads health hazards.  The contamination of drinking water due to fluoride is a severe health hazard problem.  Excess of fluoride more than 1.5 ppm in drinking water is harmful to the human health.
Keywords: Bagalkot District, Physico-Chemical analysis, ground water, fluoride contamination, health hazard.

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