Thursday , 18 July 2024

Development and Evaluation of Antibacterial Herbal Toothpaste containing Eugenia caryophullus, Acacia nilotica and Mimusops elengi

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Kandarp Dave*, Lata Panchal, Pragna K Shelat
Laboratory of pharmaceutical Technology, Department of Pharmaceutics, K. B. Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Gandhinagar, India

The present work dealed with development and evaluation of herbal anti-bacterial toothpaste containing clove, babul and borsali as herbal ingredients. Different types of formulations (F1 – F9) were formulated using calcium carbonate as abrasive and sorbitol solution (70 %) as humectant in varied concentrations based on factorial design. All the formulations were evaluated for various parameters like dryness, color, appearance, consistency, wash ability, pH, spread ability and foaming power. In optimized Formulation (F7), the aqueous extracts of clove (powder of clove buds of Eugenia caryophullus), babul (powder of babul bark of Acacia nilotica) and borsali (powder of borsali bark of Mimusops elengi) were loaded and herbal toothpaste was prepared. This Formulation showed good color, appearance, consistency, wash ability, pH, spreadability and foaming capacity. The formulation showed very good anti-microbial profile during microbial assay. This optimized formulation was safe to use for dental care.
Keywords: Clove budpowder, Borsali bark powder, Babul bark powder, Microbial assay.


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