Saturday , 18 September 2021

Effect of Operational Parameters on Photocatalytic Transformation of Azo Dye Sunset Yellow in Water

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Himakshi Verma*, Neelakshi Verma and Ramesh C. Meena
Department of chemistry, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur 342005, India

Photocatalytic transformation of Sunset Yellow, commonly used as textile dye, has been investigated. Optimum degradation (90.76%) of Sunset Yellow (40 mg/L) was observed in around 160 min. (minutes) at room temperature at pH 7.5 and catalyst loading was 2.0 g/L. The semi log plot of 1+ log O.D (optical density) of dye verses time was linear, suggesting pseudo first order kinetics (K= 0.0119 min-1).The effects of some parameters such as pH, light intensity amount of catalyst loading and initial dye concentration were also examined. The heterogeneous photocatalyst methylene blue immobilized resin Dowex-11 is cheap and a very good alternative to replace costly traditional treatment technologies for industrial application. The size of catalyst particle is 20-50 mesh can filter easily. This catalyst has potential to degrade all dye molecules and we recover 100% transparent water from dark color textile effluent wastewater within few hour treatments. In addition, the recycle and reuse of the catalyst were also observed. The present work demonstrates easy & approachable experimental modeling for the treatment of an azo dye (Sunset Yellow).
Keywords: Advanced Oxidation Process, Dowex-11, Photocatalyst, Photo Transformation.


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