Sunday , 3 March 2024

A Brief Study on Steviarebaudiana–A Review

T. Usha Kiran Reddy*, R. Gouri, G. Sindhu, R. Harsha, K. Thyagaraju
S V U College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, S.V University, Tirupati–517502.

Stevia rebaudiana belongs to Asteraceae family and is popularly known as candy leaf. Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni is a sweet tasting medicinal herb; and has been known to contain calorie-free natural sugars, which are up to three hundred times sweeter than sucrose. Due to its sweet taste, it has high commercial value throughout the world as a sugar substitute in medicine, foods products, and beverages. The increased market share of Stevia sweeteners has established a lasting increase in the demand for constant high quality and high purity of Stevia products. Clinical examinations performed on Steviol glycosides have shown that it is nontoxic and exert hypotensive, cardiotonic, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions. Stevia leaves, stevioside and highly refined extracts of the leaves are now officially used as a low-calorie natural sweetener and dietary supplement in many countries. In the future, there is a possibility that Stevia could become a major source of high potency low-calorie sweetener for growing demand in the natural food market.
Keywords: Cobicistat Darunavir, RP-HPLC, Phosphate buffer, ACN

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