Thursday , 23 May 2024

Wheat Grass as Green blood therapy: A Review

Kiran B. Kotade*1, Swati V. Wagh1, Vijay D. Wagh2
1Department of Pharmacology, P.R.E.S.’s, College of Pharmacy (For Women), Chincholi, Nashik-422 103.
2Department of Pharmaceutics, P.R.E.S.’s, College of Pharmacy (For Women), Chincholi, Nashik-422 103

Juice of wheat grass is termed as green blood. Wheatgrass is a variety of grass that is used like as herbal medicine for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. The aim of this study is too concise the health benefits of green blood therapy. As wheatgrass juice bears a close resemblance to the “haemoglobin” in our blood, the juice is called as “green blood” and the therapy using it is called as “green blood therapy”. The WGJ is a complete food and contains carbohydrates, proteins, all essential minerals, and vitamins. Wheatgrass therapy is recommended for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, joint pains, TB, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, bronchitis, insomnia, eczema, sterility, haemorrhage, obesity, and flatulence. This review is concluded that the WGJ has higher degree of curative index and this can be last alternative therapy when the all therapy will. Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available. Chlorophyll is the basis of all plant life, is responsible for giving plants their green colour, and, is the one which absorbs energy from the sun which then is transported throughout the plant. This chlorophyll is up to 40% similar to human blood. The chlorophyll molecule bears a close resemblance to haemoglobin the red pigment in human blood. It differs only in the central element which, in case of blood is iron, and in case of chlorophyll is magnesium. Magnesium found in the protons of chlorophyll is essential and beneficial for our body. Many of the benefits of wheatgrass juice stem from the fact that it is a living food, which is a complete protein with about 30 enzymes and is approximately 70% crude chlorophyll.
Keywords: Chlorophyll, Enzymes, Haemoglobin, Health benefits, Wheatgrass

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