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B.Naveen Kumar*, Dr. Hindusthan abdul ahad, Chaitanya.G, Shaik mohammed shaibaz.
B.Pharmacy, Balaji college of Pharmacy, Anantapur, India
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Teeth sensitivity is one of the biggest problems when we take cool things like ice creams, cool drinks and some of the hot things like tea, coffee. Ice creams are one of major element which can cause the teeth sensitivity. These journal will describes the source and symptoms of the ailment which suffered by lacks of peoples around the world.
The upper part of the teeth will noted by us when we seen in the mirror is called as “krown”.
The part which is present inside the gums on the jaw’s bone is called “root”
Teeth consisting three layers in it namely enamel, dentin, pulp.
Enamel on the teeth is having the strength to bite anything. This is the toughest and stronger layer than the bones.
Decreased levels of enamel layer leads to soothing of the teeth it further cause’s teeth sensitivity.
Enamel was rubbed by the tooth brushes for the development of teeth whitish and clean by these it become soothe and leads teeth sensitivity.
Brushing by using crystal or powdered salt, coke and some types of rough things like mud and sand it leads to decrease of enamel layer and cause teeth sensitivity.
Reduction of enamel by using rough tooth brushes, vertical brushing and brushing with high pressure leads the teeth sensitivity.
Formation of citric acid will lead to decrease the enamel layer when we take juices, soft drinks.
Dentin layer will become appeared when the teeth are Brocken it also one of the major reason for teeth sensitivity.
Some of the peoples are not having much levels of calcium for these their body will not produces the enamel it leads to teeth sensitivity.
Ermelo genesis imperfecta and dintino genesis imperfecta are some of the ailments which cause the teeth sensitivity.
Most of the person will not treated for the gum diseases it will leads the unfitting of the gums like chronic peridamtities also the major factor for teeth sensitivity.
Cavities are activated the inner nerves of teeth will leads to teeth sensitivity.
Neglect the cleaning of the teeth when they take tea, cool drinks, and sometimes alcohols will contaminate the teeth enamel layer leads to teeth sensitivity.
Notable to drink the cool and hot drinks like tea, coffee, and ice creams.
Paining feeling when the eating of Sweets and sugar items like jams and souses.
High action of teeth sensitivity when the air touches to the teeth if we open our mouth in front of the air.
Pain when the teethes are touched by the tongue or by other teeth.
Finally peoples who are suffering from teeth sensitivity are not able to take food also.
Use extra soft brushes in place of soft one.
Brush twice daily with soft tooth brush.
Don’t brush more than three minutes.
Wash your mouth with clean water after taking soft drinks, hot drinks, fruit juices and ice creams.
Use slight hot water if necessary.
Treat with a specialized teeth doctor when you have gum problems.
Method of treatment was confirmed by two ways:
Why the sensitivity was occurred.
How the enamel was reduced.
Based on these causes treatments for teeth sensitivity was noted as:
General treatment.
Root canal treatment.
Other treatments.
General treatment:
Relieve pain by using the method desensitizing. The tooth pastes which is having above agent was applied on the teeth and brush with soft brush for 2 min.
Clean the infected teeth by using fluoride pastes and creams for the best results.
Filling treatment was given to the patients who are suffering from cavities.
Root canal treatment:
Root canal treatment is best process of treating of the brockened teeth.
Rearrangement of caps in the place of the broken one.
It is used in the case of presence of cavities on the teeth.
Nerves and blood vessels which are present at the teeth will wash with suitable solvents.
It will fill into the root and closed with the krown which is made up of cironic or zirconium.
Other treatments:
Modern ion treatments will useful for the reduction of teeth sensitivity.
Laser treatment will used to refill the cavities.
Rearrangement of teeth by using teeth cement.
Neutralizing treatment used to treat the vomiting patients on the journey.

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