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A Review Based on Nasal Drug Delivery System

Navneet Kumar Verma*, J.N. Mishra, D.K. Vishwakarma, Gulzar Alam Department of Pharmacy, Kailash Institute of Pharmacy and Management, GIDA, Gorakhpur, U.P. India-273209 A B S T R A C T Nasal drug delivery system (NDDS) has been used as a substitute route for the systemic accessibility of drugs restricted to intravenous administration. This is due to the porous endothelial membrane, ... Read More »

Niosomes and Its Application-A Review

ABOUT AUTHOR Navneet Kumar Verma*1 and Asha Roshan2 1Department of Pharmacy, Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management Lucknow, (U.P), India 2R.K. College of Pharmacy, Azamgarh, (U.P), India Abstract Niosomes are a Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS). A number of NDDS has been  reported through various route of administration ,to achieve controlled and targeted drug delivery. Controlled release drug products are ... Read More »

A Brief Study on Liposomes-A Review

Author Details Navneet Kumar Verma*1, Anubha Gupta1, Harendra Prasad2 1Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management Lucknow (U.P), India 2CSM Group of Institution Allahabad, (U.P), India. Abstract Liposomes are a novel drug delivery system (NDDS), in which the medication is encapsulated in a vesicle. It has been a study interest in the development of a NDDS. Liposomes are colloidal spheres of ... Read More »


About author  Navneet Kumar Verma*, Asha Roshan                           Department of Pharmacy, Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management Lucknow (U.P), India Faculty of Pharmacy, Varanasi College of Pharmacy, Varanasi, (U.P.), India *e-mail : [email protected] ABSTRACT: Nails drug delivery system (NDDS) is an important delivery system in mammals, in which their ... Read More »

A Potential Natural gums as a polymer used in NDDS: Recent investigations

About author : V.T.Chamle*, P.S.Misal, S.G.Shep, Dr. R.A. Hajare   Research Scholar, Post Graduate Department of Pharmaceutics Shri BSPM’S B. Pharmacy College Ambajogai, Dist. Beed, Maharashtra, India Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. E-mail: [email protected] Abstract: Natural gums are natural polymers, which mainly consists of carbohydrates sometimes with small amounts of proteins and minerals. They are made from different parts of plants seaweeds or bacteriological ... Read More »

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