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Mucoadhesive Microspheres: A Concise Review

ABOUT AUTHOR Jitendra Kumar Kumawat*, Punit Gupta, Hitesh Sharma Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur-302020, Rajasthan, India *E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Carrier technology offers an intelligent approach for drug delivery by coupling the drug to a carrier particle such as microspheres, nanoparticles, liposomes, etc. which modulates the release and absorption characteristics of the drug. Mucoadhesion is a topic of current interest in ... Read More »

Mucoadhesive Microsphere: A Review

ABOUT AUTHOR Alok Singh*, Devender Singh, Dr. R. Irchhaiya Institute of Pharmacy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India Abstract: The conventional oral dosage forms have disadvantages regarding the short duration of delivery to system. A controlled release system designed to increase its residence time in stomach with contact with mucosa was achieved by the formulation of mucoadhesive microsphere of the drug. The ... Read More »

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