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Synthesis, Characterization, Screening of some Heterocyclic Analogs

Badugu Karunakar⃰, Sunil Gavaskar Department of Chemistry, VELS University, Chennai-600117 A B S T R A C T Heterocyclic compounds are of very much interest in our daily life. Heterocyclic compounds have one or more hetero atoms in their structure. They may be cyclic or non-cyclic in nature. Heterocyclic compounds have a wide range of application. They are predominantly used as ... Read More »

Honey: Chemistry and Medicinal Uses

Divya G. Nair* Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikkara Kerala A B S T R A C T The use of honey was common among ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans to treat wounds and a myriad of diseases. The healing property of honey is ascribed to its antibacterial activity, maintenance of moist wound condition, and ... Read More »


ABOUT AUTHOR S.Bakkialakshmi*,V.Barani Department of Physics, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, India. E-mail: [email protected] Abstract The binding of two anti-viral drugs quercetin and Amantadine to Egg albumin was investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy under simulation of physiological conditions. The quenching mechanism was suggested according to the fluorescence measurement. The Stern-volmer quenching constants were determined. In addition, binding constants were also calculated at ... Read More »

Structure and bonding of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids

Structure and bonding of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids Biochemistry is the application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. It emerged as a distinct discipline around the beginning of the 20th century when scientists combined chemistry, physiology and biology to investigate the chemistry of living systems. The research and development of biochemical concepts and ... Read More »

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